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    Medical Charity Transforming Lives In Ghana

  • 1 Patient, 1 Hospital At A Time

    Transforming Lives

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    Impact Through Healthcare

    By creating medical accessibility through donations of medical supplies and equipment to underserved facilities.​​

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    Supporting Communities

    By connecting traveling clinicians, with underserved hospitals or clinics and educating hospital staff, patients and community health leaders.

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    Making A Difference

    By rebuilding hospital facilities that provide services and patient care to underserved communities. View Hospital Tour >>

  • Honesty & Integrity

    Our Mission

    Nana's Project was founded by Nana Konadu-Asare after the death of her uncle, due to misdiagnosis at the hospital.


    The mission for Nana's Project is to remove financial standing and geographical location as a barrier to adequate healthcare for many underserved communities.


    This is done by providing medical supplies and infrastructure support to hospitals and clinics in Ghana. Since started in 2016, Nana's Project has supported 13 hospitals and sent 6 shipments with the last two being 40ft containers full of supplies. We hope to expand throughout Africa providing medical supplies, education and rebuilding medical facilities to support the sustainability and accessibility for many of these communities.

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  • 2017 Donation

    This year was the first large donation where we were able to support 3 hospitals and tell the story of how we started and why.

    2018 Donation

    This year, Nana's Project has supported 9 underserved hospitals that provide care to over 100,000 people in the Eastern Region of Ghana. We were able to provide beds, stretchers, wheel chairs, gloves and so much more. In addition, we collaborated to help over 600 children obtain school supplies.

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    Awards & Recognitions

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    Quint Studer Difference Maker Award - 2017 Learn More >>

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    George Mason Community Engagement Medallion - 2018 Learn More >>

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